The Best Money Saving Apps

Do you sometimes wish your money would stretch further? When those expenses build up or the unexpected car repair bill strikes without warning, keeping cash in your wallet can feel like an uphill battle.

Well, what if you could use your phone to save even more? It sounds too good to be true, but money saving experts and mobile apps which help customers make the most of their spending are a big business these days.

The financial support out there is limitless, but tracking them down can be a time-consuming process. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the most effective money saving apps to date:


This incredible app allows buyers to get money back on their recent purchases. It’s a completely free service and works by searching through receipts on anything that was bought from a few days before.

After finding the best price for the same product through a series of adverts, the app contacts the retailer on your behalf and requests a refund based on the price difference. If the refund is eligible, the store will credit your account with the difference.

Petrol Prices

This free UK based app serves phone users by comparing fuel prices from a range of petrol and diesel stations in your local area.

At least 2.1 million drivers already benefit from this service. While that 2-3p a litre might not seem like a great deal, some motorists claim they save anything up to £220 a year.

Appy Parking

CEO Dan Hubert developed this app as a way of helping drivers find city parking with ease. Free to use, it provides motorists with coverage on parking in most UK cities and can save you a fortune in fees and fines.

As well as providing information about on-street and off-street parking, it updates the user on current restrictions, loading rules as well as electric and motorcycle bays.

Want more help?

As well as these three modern apps, a whole host of strategies to help tighten the monthly budget can be found on this website. Be sure to always seek financial advice and money saving tips in order to get your income working harder for you.

If you occasionally find that you don’t have enough saved yet for an unexpected emergency, you could apply for one of our short term loans to help you get through it.