How it works


Step 1 – Choose your amount and duration of your Loan

Use our quick cash online loan calculator to choose your loan amount. Choose how long you want to borrow for and your repayment will be shown in the illustration.


Step 2 – Complete Application

The application process is quick and easy! Enter your personal details, income detail and expenses and we'll do our best to find you a loan or match you to one of our short term or payday loan lenders.


Step 3 – Receive Your Loan

Once we match you to a lender, whether it is us or one of our lending partners, you will be transferred to their website to complete the process and your loan will soon be flying into your account.

Why Choose Us?

BingoLoans are here to help find the right loan for you, using our loan comparison technology, we'll find the right short term loan for you and get that cash loan into your bank account.

  • All credit histories welcomed
  • High acceptance rates
  • No phone calls
  • Online application
  • Detailed affordability checks completed
  • Safe & Secure

More About Us

What are Short Term Loans?

If you are looking for a Short Term and Payday Loan Direct Lender then BingoLoans are here to help. Short term loans are designed to be taken out over a short period, maybe between 1-12 months, they should be used for relatively small amounts between £100 and £1500 and should definitely only be used as a temporary fix to a financial situation you may have found yourself in.

Short term loans should only be used in emergencies, they should not be used on a regular basis due to the high interest rates that are charged on each loan.

The earlier you pay back a short term loan the better, although loans should be paid back on the dates you have agreed with the lender and paying loans back early may incur early repayment charges with some lenders, but not BingoLoans. If you really need a short term loan then choose the amount you need and look to repay it on a term that you can afford, but look to pay it back as soon as you can. Repayment of these types of loan should take priority over any other debts you may have, due to the interest rates.

What are Payday Loans?

A payday loan is a small loan of between £100 and £1500 that is paid back within approx 31 days or your next pay day. When you need a cash injection in a hurry, you often don't actually need that much money. You'll need just enough to cover some mechanical work on your vehicle, the repair work on your shower or washing machine, or to just get you over the line with your monthly bills.

When you only need a bit of a helping hand, you don't want to bother with a big, expensive, and complex loan. So is there anywhere that you can go other than the mainstream options like banks, overdrafts, 0% balance transfers, etc?

Well, yes! Reach out to BingoLoans today and you can get payday loans that are suited to you - even if you have bad credit, you'll find a friendly response to the getting the money you need.

Our way of working

At BingoLoans we operate as a direct lender - what does that mean for you? Direct lenders only pay out to those who apply to them directly, so if you apply for a loan with us the money will come from us. This benefits you because it keeps the application process as simple and efficient as possible, as soon as we process your application we'll give you a decision. So when you reach out to BingoLoans, you'll be dealing with us directly, (unless we cannot lend to you, then we'll pass you onto our panel of lenders and financial service providers to find the best available deal for your circumstances) which means when you're approved for your loan we can have the money sent to you quickly.

Easy Online Application

Time is of the essence when you need a quick cash injection - you don't want to have to present records of every financial decision you've ever made to a lender when you're only looking to borrow a relatively low amount. With BingoLoans' short term loans, you'll find we've taken every step possible to make the entire online application process as simple and efficient as we can. We'll only ask for the information we really need to make sure you're capable of paying the loan back comfortably in the terms that you have set using our handy loan repayment sliders. The key to getting an affordable payday loan that you can manage is being able to see the full terms of the loan before you even accept it - that's exactly what you get with BingoLoans.

Making your move

If life throws up one of those annoying issues that means you need money quickly, but you don't need much, just apply now on BingoLoans today. With our simple and efficient application process, we'll aim to have the money in your account sometimes in as little as 24 hours, subject to approval. So if you need a cash injection in a hurry - without all the red tape, deadlines, and delays - you should make a point of choosing BingoLoans today. We're professional financial specialists, here to help get through life's difficult spells with relative ease.

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