save money when dining out

How To Save Money When Dining Out

According to Statista, 3948% of Brits dine out each month. Followed by 34.15% of people dining out a few times a month, 17.78% every week and lastly, 8.5% several times a week. This proves that dining out is a regular occurrence for a lot of people in the UK. So, who wouldn’t want to learn how to save money in these situations.

Make use of your emails

If you register your email on the websites of your favourite eateries, you will begin receiving different offers, discounts and overall news for those places. Although having your inbox full of marketing emails may not sound very appealing, you will surely be able to save yourself a little bit of money. If you don’t want to sign up to the mailing system, a good idea is to still visit the sites in case there are any deals online.

Keep an eye out for the restaurant’s tactics

Restaurants have different tactics when it comes to wanting their customers to spend more money. You may not be aware of them but they are definitely happening behind-the-scenes. For example, Depending on where you choose to eat and what cuisine it is, the restaurant may offer you complimentary snacks including tortilla chips or prawn crackers etc, but there is always a reason behind it. Studies have shown that giving customers free, salty nibbles will urge them to order a drink. So, if you educate yourself on some of the tactics which restaurant you this, you could save yourself a lot of money.

Share your meal

Sharing your meal is a great way to save money. Depending on the price differences in the dishes, one way you can save money is by ordering a large-sized meal and splitting it between two people. If you feel this isn’t enough you could always order some extra side portions from the menu. Even with sized portions added on, you will still have spent less money than you would have if you ordered two main dishes.

Don’t order alcohol with your food

As everybody knows, ordering an alcoholic drink when you are dining out can definitely increase the price of your bill. Sometimes depending on what drink you are ordering, it may be just as expensive as your meal. Therefore before you order make sure you are aware of the pricing. If you are wanting to save money, we advise you to stick to non-alcoholic drinks like soft drinks or water. This way, you are not doubling the price of your bill.

Although, if you are wanting an alcoholic drink, why not try finding a restaurant which offers deals including Happy Hours or 2 for 1 drinks. This way, you will save yourself money but still receive what you want.

Make sure you are not double tipping

Some restaurants include extra charges on the bill, therefore when you pay, you will be paying the tip anyway. These could be noted down as service charge. So, don’t be fooled and always double-check your bill before paying to ensure that everything is perfect and acceptable. Remember, if you feel as though the service or the food was not to the standard you like, you can ask for the service charge to be removed.

If you take into consideration our tips and advice above and even do some extra research on aspects like the restaurant’s tactics, you will be able to see the money increasing each month. The last thing you want to do is accidentally overspend on dining out and end up with a shortage of money to last you the rest of the month. Although, if that occurs, we advise you to ask friends and family for there support before applying for anything like payday loans.