Eco Home Improvements that can Save Money, and The Planet!

For many people now, living in a greener and more sustainable way is important. We all know that doing our bit to look after the planet is ethically correct – but could it save you money along the way also?

It has been found that making some simple improvements to energy efficiency in your home could pay off financially in the long-term.

This not only saves you money but also helps to look after the environment. It has in fact been estimated that you could save up to £250 annually by making your home more energy efficient.

But what are the simplest and best ways to go about it?

Energy Saving Bulbs

You may have heard about light bulbs which help save energy and they are worth using. It is thought that the cost to fit these bulbs in an average home would be around £50. This though would then save you up to £27.14 a month which is certainly worth thinking about.

Solar Oven

This, on the other hand, may be something you have not come across before! In simple terms, they use only natural sunlight to cook food with to save you over £9 per month on energy bills. Although more expensive to buy, they are one option to consider.

Energy Efficient Lagging

For just £156, you could lag your hot water tank with energy efficient insulation. This would save you around £1.67 every month meaning it would cover its costs after just 9 months. For such a simple solution, it is surprisingly effective.

Insulate your Cavities

One big enemy of energy efficient homes is poor insulation. This sees hot air escaping outside and means you then use more energy in keeping your house warm. Although pricy at £4,669, cavity insulation will make your home much more efficient in terms of energy usage. This means you will see a return on the money spent in around 3 years and 7 months.

Energy efficient Shower Head

Costing only £16, this will help you use less water at shower times by regulating the flow out of the head. Saving around 52p per month, you will get a return on this investment after 30 months.

Take steps to Reduce Energy Bills

There is no doubt that energy bills are one of the most expensive regular outgoings we all have. If you want to reduce these and help the planet, the above tips are worth considering. While the individual savings for each may seem small, when added together they make a real difference.

Saving the world and saving money at the same time is a real no brainer, but when it comes to saving money generally, we have some great ideas in our blog articles for you.

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