Getting a great deal on your holiday

Holidays can be expensive, but there are a few things you can do to keep your dream trip affordable with various holiday deals on the market.

Not sure what you can afford? Try one of the many budget planning apps to work out what you can spend on your holiday.

Shop Around

Shop around. Comparison sites, high street travel agents and smaller firms are all worth checking before you buy a trip, change currency or purchase travel insurance. The more places you ask the more likely you’re to bag a bargain.

Book your tickets at the right time. Find the best time of year to get cheap holiday deals. If you’re flexible on dates, comparison sites can help you work out the cheapest time to travel.


Haggle with high street operators. You might get them to offer you something cheaper than an online deal.

Package holiday vs DIY. Package holidays include flights, accommodation and sometimes food and drink. They can be cheaper, but less flexible than holidays where you book everything separately.

Match your trip to your budget. It’s no fun spending the rest of the year worrying about money after going on a holiday you can’t afford. If money’s tight why not consider a cheaper trip, or a ‘staycation’?

If you’re really stuck in a financial crisis, maybe one of our short term loans can tide you over to get you back on track saving for your next holiday.


To summarise, there are a number of sites and companies that can offer you great deals on holidays whether they are close by or abroad, but remember the main common sense rule, only spend what you can afford. Tailor your holiday to your budget and if your budget doesn’t stretch to that holiday you want, then wait until it does.

Don’t use a short term loan or an alternative payday loan to finance a short term holiday, use these types of loans for emergency cash only, don’t be tempted because they can be readily available, if you need cash quickly for an emergency then fine, but plan your holiday and stick to your budget, that way you won’t be paying for it months after the holiday itself