Spending style quiz

Quiz: What’s Your Spending Style?

There’s a whole spectrum of spending habits out there, and life’s twists and turns can send anyone flying from one end to the other. Where you’re at on your current money journey can also reflect subtle personality traits or stages in your personal growth too. Get a feel for your deal and check out the Bingo Loans Quiz: What’s Your Spending Style? Find out what your spending habits might say about you… 🤑

Disclaimer: The ‘Quiz: What’s Your Spending Style?’ is not in any way an accurate measure of personality or of spending habits, just a light-hearted bit ‘o’ fun for when you’re bored in the office! 🤪

Question 1

It’s finally payday awoohooo! What’s the first thing you do with your influx of cash? (If you’re unsure just select the most likely scenario)

  • a. Put a huge chunk of it in a high-interest ISA and watch it grow!
  • b. Go out for a delish payday lunch with work pals
  • c. Head straight to your nearest department store ready to max out yet another credit card

Question 2

A couple of days later an unexpected bill falls through the letterbox, how do you respond?

  • a. Any ominous-looking envelopes go straight in the recycling as a rule, if it’s urgent they’ll call
  • b. Open it, take a deep breath, grab a brew, and take a look over your budget for the month. There’s always that emergency pot you can dip into if needs be.
  • c. An un-paid Bill…you MUST be joking?! ‘Not on my watch’, I’m always weeks ahead on any payments owed, thank you very much!

Question 3

It’s approaching mid-month when you walk past your favourite shop window and spy an amazing item you’ve been eyeing up for a while on SALE with 50% off! What do you do? Do you…

  • a. …think, I’ll get home tonight, check my budget for the month so far and if I think I can spare the cash, come back tomorrow and get it as a treat?
  • b. …say to yourself, I bet if I wait long enough can find it online even cheaper, even though you know it was a complete sell-out and is really unlikely?
  • c. …run in, hug the shop assistant, immediately splash out on your dream item AND a round of drinks for your mates later to celebrate your find!

Question 4

Finally, you’ve been saving for over a year to treat your significant other to a lovely romantic anniversary break. How much have you saved and where do you take them?

  • a. £1000. Walks on the beach and shopping in The Lanes followed by a night in a cosy boutique hotel right on the seafront in Brighton.
  • b. Zero. (But managed to scrape together £1000 begged for and borrowed mostly from your long-suffering family/friends/credit.), Flights to Magical Barbados but your ‘significant other’ has the fun surprise of shelling out for accommodation and spending money on arrival…oops!
  • c. How Much?!!! Hmmm, I’ve been thinking it might be time for me and ‘significant other’ to call it a day…’
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Quiz: What’s Your Spending Style?…The Results!

Now calculate your points using the answers below for a chance to peer into your inner piggy bank and see where you’re really at when it comes to cash.

Find out if the Quiz: What’s Your Spending Style? says you’re more of a money maker or a money shaker…

ANSWERS: 1.a,0 b,2 c,5 2.a,5 b,2 c,0 3.a,2 b,0 c,5 4.a,2 b,5 c,0

0-7 Points

Super Saver

“I now have the beautiful freedom that I’m wealthy enough that I decide why I get out of bed in the morning.”

Martin Lewis aka moneysavingexpert, Source: ft.com

You’re a nifty thrifter, a penny pincher, always in the black and never in the red. Know your credit rating like the back of your hand. Play it safe, stick to the rules and don’t ever miss a payment. Absolutely love watching the interest pile up in a savings account. Any opportunity to create additional income or see financial growth is seized with both hands. You work all hours and ambition is your buzzword.

There are many positives for being a careful and clever super saver but just make sure you remember to chill out and have some fun once in a while! Treat yourself every now and again to a spa day, a nice city break, a fabulous meal out. Those incredible shoes or that timeless watch you’ve been spying are an investment piece that can bring you pleasure for years to come. So loosen the reigns a bit on occasion, That way you’ll get a window of opportunity to enjoy your hard saved cash without forgetting to enjoy what life has to offer!

8-14 Points

Mellow With Money

“He sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present.”

The Dalai Lama on what surprises him about humanity, Source: Forbes.com

You are all about that work/life balance. You’ve pretty much got this life thing nailed. You got a few pots for rainy days but you enjoy your hobbies to the full and hanging out with friends and family. Have an eye for a bargain and love a free day out. But when it makes sense to invest you don’t pull punches and you buy/spend on things you really love that will last/make some decent memories.

When spending a lump sum, you always do your research. The outdoors is your happy place and a camping holiday is your idea of fun with the fam. Taking life’s struggles in your stride, you never fail to look on the bright side. You believe you get back what you put in, and that shows in the people that surround you. Your spending personality is all simplicity, style and smiles.

Don’t forget that everyone isn’t quite as chilled and filled with sunshine as you, so finding ways to share your positivity and rational outlook with others is a great way to spread the love. We all waver a bit from time to time too, so don’t be hard on yourself if you have an off day!

15-20 Points

Lovin’ Livin’

“Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

Notorious B.I.G

You see it, you want it, you bought it, you got it! You’re livin’ La Vida Loca but it is really playing havoc with your bank balance. 💃🏽🍾🥂Out on the town/down the local almost every weekend without fail, your hob at home is squeaky clean you eat out so much! Whether that’s because you are a hopeless cook who’s straight down the chippy after a few drinks or you are a social butterfly who just HAS to check out the latest restaurant opening.

Your potential savings are mostly hanging in your wardrobe/parked in your drive or used on regular blow out holidays. If you have kids, you can’t bear to see them go without and have ’em kitted out in all the latest gear for the popularity contest at school.

Quiz: What’s Your Spending Style?

Emergency Options…

Now all this is great if you are born into wealth or came good on a lotto ticket. Unfortunately, not many of us are that lucky. Considering some savings for the future is important for everyone to consider at some point. It is also a good idea to get clued up on where to turn financially in an emergency.

If you’re a smartphone user there are so many great budgeting apps to choose from. You may get caught in a bit of money trouble and not had the chance to start your financial overhaul just yet. A loan for bad credit might be the thing. It could help tide you over until your next cash injection.

These won’t work as a long term option and you will need to have the means to pay it back quickly. But it might help if you’ve underestimated your spending one month and you need to get something paid for asap.

Whatever your spending style, we aim to be as impartial as possible at Bingo Loans, particularly if you have had a period of bad credit. Our simple application form checks whether we can help you with a payday loan as a bad credit loans direct lender. If not we have a whole panel of top UK lenders at the ready to see if they can provide the short term loan you need.