2020 new years resolutions

New Year’s Resolution Ideas And How to Stick to Them

Starting the New Year is almost like having a chance to ‘reset’. Perhaps your goal is to become healthier, get fitter or even do something different like learn to manage and save money. Whatever your resolution is, sticking to it is the hardest task of them all. So, we have put together a guide on not only how to stick to your new year’s resolutions but also some ideas of what to chose for everyone out there who is stuck on what to chose.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

  1. Eat healthier / Eat Veggies. Have you realised that your 2019 consisted of awful eating habits? Are you now feeling as though you almost owe your body a period of eating healthier foods? This is the perfect chance for a fresh start to correct your eating habits!
  2. Get fit. The cold Christmas period is a time for extra food and drinks. We know that they help keep us warm in the freezing temperatures and make us feel miles better. But maybe they aren’t the right option for us in the long run. Therefore, 2020 must be the perfect time to get fit and take out that gym membership you have been putting off for the past however many months.
  3. Travel more.  Travelling is a great way to make the most of the year. Have you sat down and decided that is the best, most realistic option for you? If so, perfect!
  4. Get organised. Sorting out becoming organised is a common new year’s resolution to help people with their day to day lives. Whether it is being organised at work or on the weekend, organisation is key whenever.
  5. Save more, spend less. Overspending is a huge issue in today’s society. It can hugely impact your financial situation in the future so keeping track of what you’re spending and what you’re not in the present is always the best option.

How to stick to them

Did you know that less than 10% of people are able to stick to their resolutions? Along with this, according to the BBC, a poll found that, by the 6th of January, one in five people had failed to stick to their resolutions.

  1. Commit to them. Perhaps try making a verbal promise to yourself and your close family members and friends. Although this may result in additional pressure, it might also make you try harder.
  2. Try to only choose one resolution. Choosing more than one resolution is a lot harder than just choosing one. You will have to try to focus on multiple tasks at the same time which will mean you’re not giving full dedication to just one.
  3. Start small.  Everyone knows that going full speed ahead into things which are potentially life-changing won’t give the desired result, therefore make sure you lead yourself into the change slowly. For example: Maybe your resolution is to give up biscuits, but at the moment you have 5 a day. You should gradually cut down the amount you have to increase your chance of sticking to your goal.
  4. Keep your goals in mind. Forgetting what you have set as your goal for the new year is an easy accident.  You need to make sure to remember your resolution. Perhaps write it down or store it in the notes on your phone. Your goal should be something which you want to do, not just something that sounds ok that one of your family members or friends are doing.