NEW YEAR'S resolution

Have You Broken Your New Years Resolutions Already?

For many people, when it comes to changing habits within their lifestyles, it can be difficult to move without any motivation. A lot of the time, without any pushing or end goals visible, people won’t make the necessary changes needed to improve their current downfalls. This is why the idea of new year’s resolutions is now so popular and widely used. The tradition of creating a resolution for the upcoming year allows you to challenge yourself and push your boundaries whilst watching those around you do the same, perhaps just for a different personal aspect. January quickly passed, and we are almost a quarter of the way through February. At this exact point in the year, studies suggest that over 65% of people will have dropped their goals. But, have you?

If so, falling behind and the journey of your new year’s resolutions not going as planned is OK. Just because January is the peak time for new beginnings and changes in our lives, doesn’t mean it is the only time. Therefore, here are some tips for getting back on track with your goals.

Write Them Down

If you were not prepared to start in January and you hadn’t planned the steps you needed to take, the process would have been a lot more difficult. This would have potentially led to more confusion and resulted in something going wrong. So, if you’re looking for a second shot at starting the year on the right foot and moving in the right direction, there are still many ways you can do so. After all, it is only February, so you still have plenty of time to properly plan and make any changes before embarking on the journey.

The first step we suggest taking is noting down all of the aspects you’d like to improve on. This way, you can visually see your downfalls in order and you can then easily confirm which you’d like to prioritise and work on throughout the new year. Everybody has different goals that they’d like to achieve throughout the year. Despite being unique to specific individuals, some of the most popular resolutions include fitness-related activities, eating healthier, and having a better financial relationship.

Find What Let You Down

There is no point in trying to move forward if you don’t know what let you down. Otherwise, the same thing will happen every time. Identifying what went wrong and fixing it is essential when you’re trying to make a change. Eliminating the downfalls and turning the negative factors into positive opportunities for your next goal will enable you to progress more smoothly and reach your goals with less pressure. Relating this to a real-life scenario could include specific budgeting goals. In some cases, people may set themselves an exact saving amount and if they cannot reach the goal that month, they may disregard the whole process for the future. This would obviously lead to repeating the same cycle as before. However, they could have saved less this month and more the next or lowered their budgeting amount, it would be easier to manage.

learning from new years resolution mistakes

What Can You Learn?

As we have already mentioned restarting your New Year’s resolutions in February is completely acceptable. Not everybody has the smoothest path when starting out, therefore giving yourself the second chances that you need is just as important. Whether you started your resolutions and they didn’t work out or you didn’t get round to making the necessary changes, there are still things that we can learn from every situation. Just like identifying your exact mistakes, learning from the situation can help just as much. Here are some common examples of things people typically learn from.

The Consequences

Most of the time, people’s new year resolutions involve bettering themselves as people in order to improve their lifestyle. However, some people may choose to set a more serious goal. For example, improving debts or creating an emergency fund. These factors are things that are essential in daily life. Therefore, if you were to give up on these goals, you could be risking serious financial problems. In this case, if you had given up on your resolution and were hit by an unexpected bill, it’s likely you would struggle with the repayment. Thankfully, there are answers available like payday loans. However, not every situation has a solution like this. So, we suggest that choosing resolutions that have smaller consequences is a better idea than any that could cause damage.

Changing Your Goals

Even though your goals are specific, they may be quite generic. This means that they could potentially be harder to achieve than something that is straight to the point. Changing your goals to requirements that have exact dates, amounts, and times allows you to have a clear vision of the future and at what points you will have completed your desires.

There are hundreds of things that we would all like to change or improve on. However, this is where your priorities appear. Your new year’s resolutions are things that will be worked on all year and hopefully become second nature moving into the next. So, it’s important to ensure you’re making the right decision at this point in time.