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Find Out More About Diwali!

Diwali (or Deepavali) is a 4-5 day festival predominantly celebrated by Hindu’s/Sikhs and Buddhists.

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Avali Deepas

It will commence on 27th October this year. Celebrations will take the form of many avali (rows) of deepas (clay lamps) placed outside peoples homes. These lamps symbolise the inner light of spirituality and the life-giving power of the sun.

Knowledge Over Ignorance

It is a very popular festival on the Hindu Calendar. According to Abhay Sunil Naik at timesofindia.indiatimes.com, it represents,

“A symbol of victory of light over darkness, and good over the evil, hope over despair and knowledge over ignorance”

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Find Out More About Diwali!

The Night of Diwali

As a part of the month of Kartika the night before Diwali, people clean and decorate their homes in preparation. On Diwali night, everyone dresses up in their finest clothes, light more deepas, set off fireworks and share gifts. They have family feasts followed by handmade sweets and pray to the goddess of wealth and prosperity Lakshmi!

If Diwali isn’t something you have experienced before, it looks quite beautiful and is a festival that welcomes anybody. Everyone can join in the celebrations no matter their religion or beliefs.

So go ahead and light some candles, get the family around and stock up on some tasty treats, Taran Bassi from metro.com recommends trying tasty treats such as samosas or masala chips.

Diwali - Indian Food

Festive Seasons Greetings

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