Christmas with covid

Christmas With Covid 19 In The Air

Covid-19 has been affecting the world in some way or another for over a year now with the pandemic beginning in December 2019. With multiple lockdowns, times of quarantine and a new tiering system, we are all wanting the virus to pass. But, putting all that to one side, what will Christmas with covid 19 in the air be like? Christmas is one of the nations more celebrated (with roughly 91% of Brits celebrating) so, how different is it going to be? Will we still be able to meet family and friends, exchange gifts, or even celebrate the true meaning? Carry on reading to find out.

Will Christmas with covid be any different this year?

With only 9 days to go, there are very serious rules for COVID-19 in place. Meaning  Christmas is bound to be different. Depending on how you usually spend the festive period, this year might be extremely different for you. If you are a family who spends this time of year just with your own household, it may not be such a huge difference. But, if you spend the time with multiple families across the UK, you may have a shock.

Not only this but Christmas traditions and usual occasions will be very different too. For example, as you already know, depending on where you are there are very few Christmas markets or events. Also, Christmas shopping and dining is restricted and distanced.

Everything to know about the Christmas Bubbles

The UK Government and Devolved Administrations understand the needs of the nation and accept that families would like to merge at visit each other throughout the festive period. Again, after multiple lockdowns and months of not seeing family and friends, we would all like that bit of freedom at Christmas. Taking this into account, the government have created and changed the social distancing restrictions for a short period. They have created what is known as ‘Christmas bubbles’. Between the 23rd and the 27th of December, you are able to form a bubble of no more than three households. They have set the rules straight and have addressed that you must only be in one bubble and cannot change, you are able to travel between different tiers but you must meet in a private place or a public outdoor space. For more information on Christmas bubbles click here.

Although, recent news has announced that the Christmas rules are set to be strengthened. This is because the risk is too high. Therefore, these rules could possibly change over the next week or so.

What will happen after the festive period?

There are no official statements released on what will happen after the festive period. But, scientists have suggested there may be a third lockdown of some sort. But, this will remain unknown until we have any official information.