5 Best Vegetables to Grow for a Gardening Novice 

There are very few silver linings to lockdown. In fact, you could probably count them on one hand? Perhaps one of the least surprising (especially given the glorious weather we have been experiencing lately) is the nations new found obsession with their gardens, particularly growing their own vegetables. 

Seeds have been flying off the shelves and compost is like gold dust. But, why? Is it the good old WW2 spirit kicking in? A collective fear of a lack of food under the shadow of COVID-19? Or, just that we have more time on our hands to do what we really want to do (grow vegetables apparently). Regardless of the reasons behind our newfound love of all things green. Gardening is perhaps one of the best pass times to get into right now. The combination of fresh air, sunshine (always wear sunscreen) and gentle exercise is beneficial not only physically but mentally too. 

So, here are our 5 best vegetables to grow for a gardening novice 

  1. Tomatoes – Not requiring much space to grow, tomatoes are ideal for smaller gardens or patios. Tomato plants take 12 weeks until they are ready for harvest. As well as being relatively quick to grow, the plant also produces fresh tomatoes every day for up to six years. 
  1. Cucumbers – Like tomatoes, you can grow cucumbers anywhere. As another vertical, climbing plant you can grow cucumbers in pots if you’re short on space – as long as they get plenty of sun and water. 
  1. Sweet Peas – easy to grow, beautiful to look at AND they smell amazing. What’s not to love? Sweet peas are a lovely addition to any garden and taste amazing. If you can try planting them near a kitchen door or seating area & you enjoy the scent to the max. 
  1. Rocket – Salad leaves are always a big yes, rocket is a lovely peppery addition to any salad, easy to grow, rich in potassium and vitamin C what’s not to like? 
  1. Chilli Peppers – Like to add a bit of spice to your cooking? What could be better than your own supply? Usually grown in pots they are a great patio plant and perfect for small space. 


The most important thing when it comes to growing veg is keeping an eye on your plants. Veg producing plants typically need watering more frequently. Also, plants that grow vertically need a frame or bamboo canes staked into the ground/pots to grow up. For professional advice and more ideas go to the RHS website for tips and information. If you start now then come the Autumn you might have yourself a nice little harvest!