February Half Term

Keeping Busy During February Half Term

Keeping yourself and the kids entertained and busy during the February half term is difficult at the best of times. But with the coronavirus thrown into the mix and a lot of entertainment being temporarily closed, it is even more difficult. With the restrictions constantly changing, you never know what is around the corner. Therefore, there is no point in trying to book a trip our or get your hopes up as that something may not happen. So, to save you travelling and keep you as safe as possible, we have some ideas you may like. We have put together three ideas which can keep the kids busy at home for the following week. From the basics of colouring and drawing to creating new inventive games, we have some great ideas!

Create Your Own Obstacle Course

Instead of the usual games which may take around half an hour to play, why not think outside the box? Creating your own obstacle course is something which will take a while to create. Depending on how big or small your house is and how many items you have laying around to use will vary the time frames. Luckily, setting up the course is part of the fun as it builds adrenaline for the kids waiting to have a go. The good thing about this game is that there is no need to pop to any shops. This is because everything used can be items knocking around. You could even use something as basic as a pile of pillows.

Create A Movie Marathon

There are hundreds of ways you can access films for your kids to watch. Whether it be on your TV, tablet, phone or even laptop you can access whatever you need. Creating a movie marathon is perfect for those families who love to just relax. Although kids can be wild, they tend to like the idea of watching a film in the comfort of their own home, but it must be a good one! This does not go for all kids though, so why not try something shorter. For example, Cbeebies. They have a wide range of ways in which you can keep the kids busy. So, not only does it occupy them whilst they watch the programme. But, they may be influenced to do some of the suggestions afterwards.

Make Your Own Games

An unusual idea is to create your own game. Instead of playing the usual games which your children may be getting bored with, why not invent your own. Throw some ideas together by listing your favourite aspects of your favourite games and try and come up with some sort of solution which includes them all. After you have figured something out, you could even use your time to call your friends and teach them the rules too.

Having fun and keeping busy does not need to cost money. Especially at the moment with the number of job losses, not everybody is earning as much as they would like too. Hence the number of families falling into the cycle of debt over the beginning of this year and last. Not being able to afford the essentials is difficult, but if you have nowhere else to turn and are looking for a solution, here at BingoLoans we can help.