Late Night Loan Myths

 A time when ghost stories and urban legends are shared by kids up and down the country. Hocus Pocus is the Focus and Trick or Treating is the game! Read on to find out the truth behind some spooky Payday Loan Urban Legends…

It’s a time for youngsters to knock on neighbours doors in scary masks and ask for sweets or money…Actually, when you read it out, that sounds a bit too frightening so maybe not! Probably best to leave that bit, unless its a friend or family that know about it beforehand.

Halloween marks the start of the festive season so it’s a great excuse to celebrate and have a party. Layout some toffee apples, pumpkins, and other gruesomely themed treats as the rest of the family try to bust a move to the Thriller soundtrack!

Shake your thing to the monster mash and dress up as your fave un-dead superhero! As long as you aren’t listening to all the urban legends and lies about Late Night Loans at this time of year, you’re guaranteed to have some fun. Plus Bingo Loans is on hand to shut down the rumours for good!

Check out our lie-detecting facts that smash through the mysteries and misunderstandings and get right down to the truth of the matter. The only thing you should be worried about this Halloween is your costume!

Payday Loan Urban Legends

Urban Legend 1 – “Lenders won’t cover you if you have Bad Credit!”


Fortunately, this isn’t true at all. BingoLoans can offer payday loans, late-night loans, emergency loans, short term loans and instalment loans even if you suffer from bad credit! If you match the criteria of either BingoLoans or one of our panel of top UK lenders, it doesn’t matter if you have a bad credit score. There is still a very good chance we can find someone to cover you. Take a look at our homepage calculator and see what you are likely to be paying back on a loan that you borrow for a given period.

Urban Legend 2 – “Even if you get approved for a Loan it takes ages to get the cash!”


With BingoLoans you can have your cash in your account in as little as 15 minutes once approved! It shouldn’t take much longer than an hour at any one time. So whatever your financial emergency it can be sorted quickly and as stress-free as possible.

Payday Loan Urban Legends cont…

Urban Legend 3 – “Quick Cash Loans are only available during working hours!”


BingoLoans accepts applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a direct lender AND a broker for some of the best, we can offer loans to a wider than usual cross-section of people. Year-round and at any time of day or night BingoLoans can help you even if you have bad credit and the cash can be with you in no time at all.

Urban Legend 4 – “You have to search through loads of websites and different lenders to find a Loan!”


This isn’t the case at all. As BingoLoans are direct lenders AND brokers for a panel of FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approved UK lenders, we can scour the market to find the best option for your circumstances. Saving time wading through lots of different websites or comparison sites. Our approach gives you a strong chance of getting accepted for a loan even with bad credit.