Top 3 Money-Saving Apps

Finding the easiest way to save money is a hard task, nevermind the actual saving. With advances in technology over the past decade, more and more digital ways to save have appeared. From online banking to new helpful apps, there are plenty of ways out there to benefit you. Money saving apps are definitely one of our favourite ways to keep on top of finances and understand our financial situation.


The app can link to all major banks like NatWest and Halifax, along with smaller ones including Monzo and Revolut. Just link them into your bank account using your online banking credentials. But, don’t worry, these are only shared with your bank, and they can’t see or store them. After this, they are able to cross-reference the data against your profile and calculate how much you should put away. Although, Chip does all the money storing for you, so you can just sit back and relax.


You may have seen Cleo advertised all over the internet but if not, she is a chatbot. She is able to set your budget, automatically put money aside, notify you when you’re close to over drafting and more. The chatbot also offers games and quizzes, giving you the opportunity to win more money. The app shows you your monthly transactions whilst advising you on what you can spend throughout the month. Cleo is basically your personal, digital financial assistant.

Money Dashboard:

You’ll have all the information you need to make informed financial decisions with a clear view of how, when and where you’re spending your money. The Money Dashboard categorises your spending into different colours and icons in the app to visually show you your outgoings whilst tracking your budget and informing you how much of your budget you have left to spend.

Our Advice

Never pay money for an app to help you save, there are plenty out there which don’t cost you a penny which can help you save. If an app isn’t the right decision for you, why not try out different ways. These could be putting money away in a jar and getting rid of bad financial habits etc. If you ever find yourself in a difficult financial situation but your savings don’t cover you and you’re in need of some extra help, BingoLoans is here to help you get back on the right tracks with Payday and Short Term Loans. Apply here now!

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