How to Travel on a Budget

‘How to travel on a budget’ is a question asked by millions of people around the world, everyone wants to know the tips and secrets of how to travel at a cheaper cost. Well, we’re here to give you some of our favourite tips.

Everyone knows it is highly unlikely you are going to be able to fly from England to Australia using £100 so be realistic when choosing and planning your destinations. But, not everyone knows how to save money when travelling and many people find it difficult to find good deals. Therefore, here at BingoLoans, we have put together five ways to travel on a budget.

Girl in a airport

1. Be Prepared

When booking a holiday, we advise making your dates flexible. These include trying to avoid school holidays and peak holiday times as the prices increase during these periods. Finding the perfect month to fly might be difficult, but, on some flight websites you are able to search for flights in the ‘cheapest month’.

Along with this, booking in advance is always a good idea when it comes to travelling as cheap as possible.

2. Try Package Holidays

Package holidays are very hit and miss, sometimes you’ll find a deal and sometimes you won’t. So, when looking at package holidays make sure you consider the price of flights and accommodation separately to guarantee that you are getting the best deal and making the best decision.

3. Apply for Discounted Passes

There are discounted passes to suit people of various ages. For example, students ages 18-25 can get a railcard for 25% off train travel for up to 3 years. Also, there are plenty of other discounts for ages 16-17 ranging up to ages 60+. There is bound to be a discount which suits you.

Also, buying yearly passes on trains and buses can save you hundreds of pounds. For an annual unlimited use bus pass around Greater Manchester, it costs £595, but if you chose to buy a return pass every day for the year, it would cost £1,752, saving you over £1000.

4. Sign Up to Reward Schemes and Travelcards

Reward schemes and travel credit cards are always a bonus when it comes to saving money. Some airlines do schemes where you can collect points when you travel and the points can go towards seats on a plane. But in some cases, you don’t even need to fly to earn the points. Airlines such as Virgin Atlantic offer a credit card method. This works by spending money on the card and gaining points in return.

5. Don’t Eat Your Cash

Similarly to any time of the year, wherever you are, eating out is more expensive than eating in. Even when you’re abroad you should visit a shop to purchase food to last you for the holiday. You never know, your weekly shop abroad might cost you less than one meal in the evening.

Our Advice

Make sure you set a budget and stick to it when planning your holiday. Short term and payday loans are not the best options for travelling as they are designed for emergencies. Meaning they shouldn’t be spent on things which aren’t as important.