5 European Holiday Destinations to Explore

Since we’re all stuck at home in quarantine for the foreseeable future, we can imagine that you’re thinking of ways to spend the rest of the year once lockdown has been lifted. So, finding the best holiday destination is not the easiest task. Perhaps you need some extra help in choosing the perfect close to home (ish) destination for your next holiday. If long haul flights aren’t your thing, don’t worry about it, we have you covered. You might even find your favourite European destination in our top 5 picks!

Destination 1 – Santorini, Greece

Sunset In greece

WHY: Santorini is a picture-perfect popular tourist destination you don’t want to miss out on visiting. The island is famous for its beautiful sunsets and views of the seen from Oia town. The blue domes and white houses are what comes to mind when thinking of Santorini, along with the beautiful sunsets and the crystal-clear sea. So when visiting the island, seeing the touristy spots is definitely essential!

WHEN TO TRAVEL: The cheapest month to visit Santorini has to be March. Although the prices of flights don’t seem to change too much (even in the summer months). This might change if you’re travelling from outside of Europe.  The hotels on the Island increase in price depending on which part of the island you’d like to stay at. For example, it is more expensive if you are wanting to stay in a hotel/villa which looks over the caldera.

Note: Santorini doesn’t have an international airport. So, you will have to fly to Athens and then get a connecting flight or ferry ride to Santorini.

Destination 2 -Manarola, Italy

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WHY: Manarola is the packed full of relaxing, fun activities to help you get a good feel of the town. For example, wine at Nessun Dorma is a popular place to go to drink wine and grab a bite to eat whilst looking over the cliffs and sea. Why not try out the sea kayak tour for an unforgettable day trip? The town is located on and down the side of tall, rocky cliffs. The town is best known for its breathtaking scenery, colourful buildings and its wine-tasting (especially Sciacchetrà) in the vineyards found on the top of the hills.

WHEN TO TRAVEL: Flights to Manarola can range between £50 to over £400 depending on when you’re visiting. It is a popular tourist destination throughout the whole of the year but mostly visited in the summer months due to the heat. Our favourite hotels have to be in the centre, these look over the cliffs and also look over all the other houses and hotels. Casa Di Messo is a popular choice of apartments due to its inexpensive price and amazing views of the area.

Destination 3 – Benagil, Portugal

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WHY: Benagil is a small Portuguese village famous for its sea cave. This cave has a round hole in the dome ceiling that frames the beautiful blue sky inside, letting sunlight reach the sand. The main attraction in the area is the Benagil cave, which is the visited early in the morning at its most magical time as the golden light pours into the cave. Unfortunately, the cave can only be accessed if you are willing to swim to it or take a boat ride there.

WHERE TO STAY: The village itself doesn’t have many hotels. But luckily, neighbouring towns have plenty, meaning that the area is easily accessible by tourists. The closest airport to Benagil is Faro. So, once you’ve landed in faro you will have to hire a car or get a taxi to Benagil which could take around an hour.

Destination 4- Zakynthos, Greece

WHY: Whether you want to spend a day on the sea sailing your own small boat or exploring the different towns, the island has hundreds of fun activities to do. The famous Navagio Beach (Shipwreck) is a common day trip for tourists. This beach can only be accessed by boat, but there are multiple boats visiting the bay every day. If the idea of a full boat doesn’t interest you, how about hiring your own boat and sailing to the blue caves?

WHEN TO TRAVEL: The prices of flights and accommodation rise in the summer due to the weather and sea temperature. But you can easily catch deals to save you money, just make sure you look and book in advance. Depending on where you want to stay on the island, the prices of hotels will vary. If you’re wanting a party holiday in Laganas, we can recommend ‘Atlantis Hotel’ as a great hotel. It is in a perfect location and is very inexpensive. But, if you are wanting a more family orientated holiday away from the party town of the island, we can recommend Lesante Classic Luxury Hotel & Spa.

Destination 5 – Colmar, France

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WHY: Colmar is located in eastern France, not far from the border of Germany. It is known as the ‘fairytale’ town due to its film-like buildings, cafes and shops making it the perfect magical holiday. Wandering around is the best way to explore the town.  For example, take a visit to ‘Little Venice’ or wander through the old town.

WHERE TO STAY: The hotels in Colmar are exactly what you would expect, they look like the buildings on the photos do. For example, Hôtel Le Maréchal has the traditional look to the hotel, making it the perfect place to stay to get a true feel of the town. The town is easy to access as it is 60km north of Trinational EuroAirport. There are frequent, cheap shuttle buses and trains from the airport to the town throughout the day so the town can be visited. Along with this, you could even drive to the town from the UK, this would take around 12 hours.

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