Recession proof jobs

The Best Recession Proof Jobs in 2023

Everyone enjoys seeing the economy grow. Budgets are increasing, and firms can’t fill positions fast enough to keep up with the demand. But the economy isn’t always growing at a constant rate. In fact, slow periods, recessions, or financial depressions generally follow booms. When the economy finds itself struggling, people tend to cut back on non-essential spending, and companies cut costs, which places many people under intense stress in terms of their personal finances and job status. Due to this, many people are often searching for roles that will shield them from economic downfalls. Unfortunately, there are no set-in-stone answers, as different businesses will be impacted by the changes in the economy differently. However, some occupations are necessary for society to function. Therefore, there will always be a demand for these positions. So, we have compiled a list of recession proof jobs you could consider.

Medical Field

From doctors to pharmacists, most positions in the medical field are essential despite any financial disruptions in the economy. After all, our health needs and problems do not just disappear when the economy becomes unpredictable. Not only we, but our pets also need looking after and treating at all times, despite economic changes. Therefore, proving how important medical professionals are at all times.

Public Safety and Utility

Another role related to helping the general public includes public safety and utility workers. During economic changes, it is common for the demand for security guards, ambulance drivers, firefighters, and police officers to increase. It is often the case that people cut back on medical essentials during recessions, as repeat prescriptions and smaller health costs can soon add up. However, this can cause further issues in our bodies, which could result in being hospitalised or needing medical assistance, hence the increase in demand. If you find yourself in a similar situation where you are on the fence about whether to purchase essentials, perhaps you should consider a short-term loan. This way, you will be able to temporarily afford all your necessities, and you can repay the loan over the course of multiple months. Find out more here.

Secondly, economic recessions do not diminish the importance of electricity, water, sewage, and waste. After all, keeping the public safe and in order massively depends on the health of our homes and environments.

Education Sector

One of the most recession proof job roles is teaching, as the demand never slows down, the security is extremely high. Regardless of the state of the economy, jobs in the fields of primary, secondary, special, and further education are always needed. Although there is a higher percentage of students now studying online at home, the demand for in-class teachers is still necessary. Not only this but if you enjoy working with children and adults, the role of a teacher can often be extremely rewarding in terms of personal success.

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