Celebrate Coffee

We didn’t check the papers, but it must’ve been front-page news that this week had us celebrating International Coffee Day!?  Ok, maybe not the Front Page, but somewhere in there we’re sure.

Many of us love a nice double espresso to get going in the morning. So we figure it’s a pretty relatable day to shout about in the middle of the working week.

Celebrating International Coffee Day is the perfect excuse today to treat yourself to one more steaming cup of the world’s favourite hot beverage (Before 3pm of course).

It’s is a time to raise a recycled plastic travel mug or artisanal stoneware cup (all the rage) in the air and give a gentle ‘Cheers!’ to our number 1 boiled bevvy (But careful not to spill, it’s hot!).


As an industry Coffee has some serious clout, creating 210,000 job opportunities in the UK alone. This offers expert baristas plenty of time to get competitive with their latte art, much to our delight…

Image Credits: The Awesome Daily, Ranker.com, Reddit, Freepic


Now, according to the British Coffee Association, we Brits down 95 Million cups of the stuff every single day. That’s a whole lotta java we’re downing on the daily, and it sure adds up when it comes to watching your wages. Read on to find out the real cost of that Costa…

Our obsession with this delicious filtered drip is certainly spendy! The UK currently spends upwards of £9.1 billion on those bitter beans annually.

This colossal public spend on what some may consider to be a luxury product can really take a bite out of your income. Those few breakfast beverages bought on-the-go can cause us to really feel that pinch towards the end of the month.

Each heavenly, aromatic sip may be delicious, but they sure don’t come cheap.  On average individuals spend around £300 p.a just on coffee, now that’s a whole lotta Nescafe!


Many of us, however, would likely argue that a dose of comfort and caffeine is definitely worth the small spend on a long workday.

We don’t blame you for indulging, when the weather starts to get colder, those little pick-me-ups make all the difference.

Weekend brunch with friends wouldn’t be the same either without lovely cocoa dusted cappuccino (with extra foam)!

Whether it’s a classic americano, a fashionable flat-white or even a pumpkin spice latte when you’re feeling flush. There’s really nothing better than a smooth and soothing cuppa joe, but it’s important to reflect on what is and isn’t essential in the current financial climate.

That’s why having payday loans as an option can really take away the stress and pressure off a living month to month like many a millennial.

Celebrating International Coffee Day…


Monthly outgoings on eating and drinking do occasionally get a little out of hand. When this happens, cutting down on those morning ‘wake-up’ drinks can make all the difference to your bank balance.

If all else fails, a payday loan may get you back on the straight and narrow when an unforeseen tight spot occurs. At BingoLoans we are direct lenders for bad credit, this means you might still get a payday loan, even if you have struggled to with other lenders.

It’s always a good idea to review your spending. As direct lenders for bad credit, we want to support you in getting on your feet financially but we want to make sure it is affordable.


One other key way of celebrating International Coffee Day AND saving a little money without giving up your flat-white is by carrying a reusable cup.  There are millions of stylish options from handy collapsible styles to stylish glass and cork options.

Image Credits: Stojo, John Lewis

Most places will give you a discount for making the effort, and every coin really does count. You’ll always see financial progress if you stick at saving however minimal the amount. Its good to note that paying back payday loans promptly, as agreed, can actually help you improve your bad credit score too.

Payday loans are ideal for helping you on your way to financial stability with an injection of instant cash once approved. This means you won’t rely on loans with bad credit as much in the future and can experience the joy of financial freedom.

You’ll also be doing a little bit to battle climate change by purchasing a reusable cup by avoiding the extra paper waste. You’ll be helping to put a stop to those single-use plastic lids too, Greta Thunberg would be proud!

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