save when eating out

How To Save Money When Eating Out

Eating food at a restaurant or café is definitely not a cheap option. Although the food is presented nice and tastes good, it can surely cause an impact on our finances. But, you may be one of those people who enjoy treating yourself after a long week or month, therefore we have put together multiple ways which you can save when eating out. This way you can carry on with your usual habits, just at a lower price to save you more money.

Eat Out To Help Out

You may be thinking, this deal was only occurring during August and yes, this is correct. But, numerous restaurant and restaurant chains have taken it upon themselves and have decided to extend their Eat Out To Help Out schemes. After the huge increase in customers and sales during Mondays-Wednesdays in August, certain restaurants have managed to see how deals like this can positively impact their business allowing them to extend the scheme without the help of the government. According to the Treasury, businesses claimed for over 35 million discounted meals in the first two weeks of the deal. So, the scheme definitely worked wonders!

Check Online For Deals

As simple as it sounds, checking online for deals is a great way to save money when eating out. Some restaurants and chains have specific offers and deals which you can only find online. Whether it is on their website or on different coupon sites, you will probably be able to find what you want. Some restaurants offer money off your bill for doing something as simple as downloading their businesses app, so keep an eye out and you could save yourself a ton of money in the long run.

Make Sure You Only Tip Once

Reading the bill is essential, not only because you may have been charged wrong, but also so you can see if the service charge or tip is included. No matter how much you have had to drink, you never want to be tipping twice, especially if your amount is large. So, if your bill states that service charge is included, great! (Please bear in mind if you are unhappy with the service or food, this can always be taken off). If it does not and you are wanting to tip, you can add this on at the end.

Invest In A Discount Card

If you are somebody who spends a lot of time and money eating out then investing in some sort of a discounted card including a TasteCard could be a great option for you. 50% or 2 4 1 meals at your favourite restaurants sounds like a great offer right? Discounted cards may typically cost around £40 depending on the brand, but they regularly have different offers on which could get you a trial for only £1. So, for that price, why not have a go and see if it is worth it?

Our Help

The last mistake which you want to make is overspending on something like eating out. As you know, eating out can be expensive, hence why people only do it occasionally. Overspending on certain aspects in your daily life can leave you with a shortage of other important costs. So, if you find yourself in any sort of struggle to repay your essential bills due to overspending or poor money management we advise you to try some of the following steps.

Firstly, before applying for any kind of loan, we suggest you try to borrow money from friends and family to reduce the risk of debt. If this is not possible, try using money from your savings. If neither of these is possible, then applying for a short term loan or payday loan could be an option. Following this, we advise you to try working on your money management by implementing some sort of professional budget.