Looking to Update Your Winter Wardrobe?

It’s early October and there’s already a bite in the air when you step out. Folks are busy dusting off their trusty old parkas and reliable leather footwear ready to battle the elements. Trying to think of affordable ways to update your winter wardrobe at this time of year can be a pain. No doubt you’ll just wear the same big coat and boots from last year. Rain, Wind, Snow and Hail is on the way whether we like it or not (no pun intended!).

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Illustration by Morgane Sanglier via Dribble.com

Here’s the scenario; you decide tonight is the night for you to pull out your warmest winter coat from its dark storage place at home. You give it a good old shake to bring it back to life but shock, horror! It has a huge moth bitten hole/stain/rip/pull. You certainly didn’t notice that when you lovingly packed it away earlier in the year.

A decent quality winter coat is not cheap and payday isn’t for another 3 weeks yet! What should you do? Maybe a short term loan could be just the thing? Maybe even pawn something in? Before it comes to that though, read on for a few creative and thrifty ideas on alternatives…


Now some may sniff at Charity Shops and it does indeed take a certain skill to learn how to search through those musty cast offs. However, they can be a goldmine when it comes to affordable, decent quality clothing. One persons trash is another’s treasure, always remember!

If you’re on a strict budget, the price points you’ll find at the charity shop are all the more incentive to get stuck in at your local AgeUK. You can give your self a pat on the back while you’re searching for gems too because the money goes straight to charity.

You can find some amazing designer branded boots and coats to liven up your winter look. Think DKNY, Jaeger, Levi’s, Diesel, Adidas Originals and Calvin Klein. All it takes is a keen fashion eye and a little enthusiasm!

It’s a good idea to scour a recent Magazine or the Internet before you head out. Select a few of your favourite trends and silhouettes for the season. Pinterest or Instagram are great for this AND free to use which is always a bonus. Put together a little inspirational mood board of styles to look out for on your adventure.

Charity Shops are also a fantastic place to pick up trends from bygone era’s. No doubt you’ve noticed them popping up all over the high-street. Original styles from the 1920s, ’40s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s are all on-trend right now. Check the inner labels for dates to confirm you’ve found something valuable that no-one else will be wearing.


Search Google for your nearest vintage and thrift stores, Image Credit: Molly Cranna, Refinery29
Search Google for your nearest vintage and thrift stores, Image Credit: Molly Cranna, Refinery29

Vintage, second hand and thrift stores are the next inevitable stop on your affordable fashion journey. Here you can pick up leather, faux fur, suede and sheepskin coats for a tiny percentage of the price you’d pay for brand new. 70’s and 80’s Ski and Sportswear coats are constantly replicated by streetwear brands today and readily available, if you’re into a pop of colour. Its good to remember that re-wearing is great option for helping the environment too. With a little TLC, your special find will be as good as brand new anyway.

Always give used items a good once over before buying to check there’s no wear and tear. A little creasing can easily be steamed out and a loose button is simple enough to repair, but don’t waste your money on something that’s on its last legs. You’re after great quality clothing that will last years and there’s plenty out there waiting to be found.

Affordable Ways to Update Your Winter Wardrobe…


In winter it’s important that footwear is hard-wearing, especially when the weather is dodgy. Buying shoes and boots at vintage or charity shops aren’t often the best option unless you find a brand new pair. So a brilliant place to head for quality winter boots are discount stores and outlets.

Number one on the Outlet list has to be T.K Maxx. There are stores in almost every UK town and city centre offering up to 60% off RRP on top brands. Timberland, Dickies, Valentino and Dries Van Noten all have footwear styles in store right now.

If you want to turn your hoodie hunt into a proper day out an Outlet village might be the one. Try Cheshire Oaks if you’re up North or the Beautiful Bicester Village for those closer to London. Loads of designer brands for next to nothing.

Image Credit: thegentlemansjournal, Affordable ways to update your winter wardrobe.
Bicester Village, Image Credit: The Gentleman’s Journal.

If the ease of online shopping is more up your ally check out ASOS Outlet and The Outnet for decent discounts on quality brands. Online stores these days nearly always have a hefty SALE section with tonnes of decent offers. Sign up to their newsletters for a 10 or 15% discount code on your first purchase. It’s helpful bookmark the styles you like and then do a bit of Googling to see if you can find the item cheaper anywhere else.


Decision time…full price ‘investment piece’ that you’ve been dreaming about forever or a more affordable winter wardrobe update? Either way, you still might not have the full amount you need before the end of the month. That’s where a carefully considered short term loan could be helpful. We even offer loans with bad credit so you don’t need to worry if you’ve had problems with a bad credit loan in the past. Short Term loans are ideal if you need to borrow a small amount for a short period and you are able to pay it back quickly.

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