valentine's day chocolates in a heart shaped box

Valentine’s Day

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Friday the 14th of February. This is the perfect day to treat your partner to an exciting day or even an enjoyable weekend.

You may be thinking ‘why do I need to save for Valentine’s day?’ But whether you’re wanting to get the perfect small gift, a bouquet of flowers or treat your partner to a small get-a-way, gifts around this time of year can get quite pricey. For example, a bouquet of roses on average costs around £40. So saving up for the occasion might be the best decision for you to help you be able to afford whatever you want.

How to get your ideal gifts cheaper

It’s no shock that your typical valentine’s gifts rise in price near the special day, but are aware that there are places to get your gifts cheaper? The common gift of flowers can be bought for a quarter of the price in places like Aldi, Costco and Marks and Spencers.

Similarly to roses, Aldi usually offers a range of Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations which can be found instore and online which are cheaper than most other stores. For example, last year Aldi really pulled it out the bag. They offered multiple gifts like a small DAB radio, vases, bubbles heart-shaped chocolate boxes and much more. Along with this, they sold a £9.99 small hamper which was a good, affordable choice. So, we are hoping they will bring the range back this year and even make it bigger and better.


Alternative Valentine’s Day gifts

We understand that Valentine’s Day isn’t about gifts, but is about spending time with the one you love. So, we have put together a few things which you could do for free:

  1. Bake some goods
  2. Watch a film
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Make your partner breakfast in bed
  5. Look through old photo’s

These five ways are perfect examples of how money doesn’t buy love and it is easy to enjoy your Valentine’s day without spending any money.

Save on meals

Booking meals online and in advance is your best option. You will then have time to look out for the best deals whether they are deals which the restaurant is offering themselves or other deals which you have found on sites like Wowcher and Virgin Experience Days.

When considering different restaurants you could also look at websites and apps like Vouchercloud, they will provide you will different deals for restaurants to help save you money.

Our Advice

Here at BingoLoans, we advise that you don’t splurge out on Valentine’s Day and put yourself in a bad financial situation as there are numerous ways to have a great day without having to spend money.