halloween on a budget

Celebrating Halloween On A Budget

Despite the weather still offering us a glimpse of summer, the season itself is officially over. With that being said,  October is right around the corner, therefore, meaning that we can begin thinking about what the autumnal months have to offer. One of the main events occurring over the course of the upcoming months is Halloween.

The celebration is popularised worldwide with many different countries partaking. As you may have predicted, America takes the lead in the celebration of the occasion. However, the UK has definitely begun to increase the amount of dedication and effort surrounding the time of year. On the downside, all the decorative aspects along with sweets and chocolate can definitely add up in price, making it difficult for some families. Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can celebrate the occasion on a budget, some ideas include:

Purchasing Earlier

As you will have seen, Halloween decorations have been creeping into the high street shops and supermarkets slowly for the past few weeks. In fact, many shops already seem to have complete isles dedicated to the time of year. Whilst still having over a month until the 31st of October, prices are relatively low. The later you leave it to purchase your costume, your decorations or even your trick or treating goodies, the more expensive they may become. Therefore, the trick is to purchase as early as possible (this includes just after Halloween when all the products are half price as you can always save costumes for the following year!).

Look Around

Choosing the first items you see has to be the worst mistake to make unless you’re positive they’re definitely a bargain. The prices of Halloween related items vary depending on the shop, just like most products. A pumpkin you may pay £6 for in one shop could cost half the price elsewhere. Therefore, it is always important to evaluate your choices before you complete a transaction. Thankfully, if you do not feel like leaving your house to go shopping you could find everything you need online in only a few clicks. This also enables you to weigh up the different prices to ensure you’re spending on a budget.

Understand Your Finances

Seeing something and buying it every time is not going to help you stick to your budget. You need to make sure you have a strong budgeting method to guide you when managing your money. Otherwise, you will end up overspending and potentially landing in the cycle of debt. Halloween related items are usually not expensive, especially if you are finding cheaper options. However, many people find themselves making repeat purchases as it is very easy to throw cheap items into the trolley. To avoid repeat purchases and overspending this Halloween we recommend you making a note of everything you have bought and their costs.


Why don’t you try putting your DIY skills to the test this year? Purchasing the bare minimum or finding items around your house will allow you to lower the overall costs, yet still can give your surroundings the spooky feeling your after. There are thousands of DIY ideas all over the internet which can be found quickly and easily that help to boost your creativity. This is the perfect opportunity to get your skills together with the family and create a number of decorations.

Don’t Overdo It

In order to celebrate Halloween to its maximum potential, you do not need to spend hundreds. Images and ideas you see online are not always what they seem. The houses we see which are overly decorated might actually be families who are renting decorations or putting their DIY skills to the test. Therefore, do not let online images or social media accounts impact your own individual spending patterns. In this case, the phrase less is more is very relatable. Thankfully, placing a few pumpkins outside or a little bit of bunting is more than enough. You do not need to overdo it to celebrate correctly. However, if you have a little bit of extra spare cash why not treat yourself this Halloween.

Budgeting correctly and only spending what you can afford is essential around the seasonal times of the year. With Christmas being only a couple of months away families may want to begin their shopping early, or at least continue their saving patterns. Ensuring you can comfortably afford everything necessary is a top priority. However, if you feel like you are struggling, informing those around you can definitely help as they may be able to lend you emergency funds. If not, there are other options available like payday or short term loans.