Quick Loans

If you’re suddenly faced with an emergency, then quick loans can be the solution that you need. There have been times when we would all be grateful for access to a bit of extra cash. An unexpected house repair or mechanic’s bill can leave anyone short for the rest of the month. We give you the ability to apply for this money in the shortest possible time and at the best rate for your situation.

What are Quick Loans?

Many people need quicks loans ASAP. Whether that’s a quick loan on the weekend because your car has broken down or your washing machine has packed in, or you simply need a quick loan after hours to put your mind at rest in paying off that unexpected bill.

Quick loans, otherwise known as short term loans, can be paid out just as quickly and with longer repayment terms. Some short term loans can even be for £1,500 or less, with the amount repayable up to 12 months.

Are Quick Loans safe?

Yes, they are. We could be able to approve your loan application and get the money into your bank account within minutes of you filling out the application form, ensuring you get your money as fast as possible.

Because our loans are fully flexible and designed to suit your individual circumstances, you can repay at any time. So, if you want to make early repayments or overpayments against your loan with us, that’s just fine. Or if you prefer the certainty of knowing how much you need to repay each time, on a fixed repayment date each month, that’s just fine too. It’s your loan so you can repay your way.

Can I apply for a Quick Loan online?

Quick loans are available online. Using our loan calculator will ensure you get the best deal in a short amount of time. We are continually refining our online process to make it easier and quicker for our customers to access loans. Everything is designed to be fast and user-friendly, making it easier for you to get some extra money with a quick loan.

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