6 Month Loans

At BingoLoans, our 6 month loans allow you to apply for between £100 and £1,500 with a quick and simple online application process. We understand that sometimes you need a hand quickly, which is why you can get an initial decision in minutes. You repay your loan over 6 months in regular instalments, with the exact cost shown when you apply. It’s as simple as that.

6 Month Loans Direct Lenders

Life sometimes lands you with unexpected costs. Whether it’s a smashed phone screen, an MOT failure or emergency home repairs. We could help you keep things on track. Allowing you to choose an amount that suits your needs, whether that’s £100, £1,500, or somewhere in-between.

We’re a responsible direct lender as well as a broker, which allows us to give you the best of both worlds! Our aim is always to help our customers, not get them into any difficulties. Whatever you need the money for, we’re here to help.

6 Month Loans Bad Credit

Having bad credit doesn’t always have to hold you back from obtaining a loan. Many wrongly assume that having a poor credit score or a mixed credit history would exclude you from loans or other financial products. This is not necessarily the case. With BingoLoans, we are able to offer bad credit loans to borrowers whose credit scores are less than perfect.

6 Month Payday Loans

Applying for a 6-month loan can help you meet any unexpected expenses, such as an essential car repair or a boiler breakdown. Loans can be used as an alternative to other less manageable forms of credit, with affordable repayments helping you maintain your credit rating.

Our short term loans are designed to be repaid in six equal monthly instalments, making it easy to keep a track of your outgoing expenses. How much you’ll pay back each month depends on your loan amount and how quickly you repay it.

6 Month Loans Direct Lenders UK

As a direct lender as well as a broker, we are responsible loan lenders. We advise that before filling in a loan application, that all individuals check if they are eligible for a loan. If you fit our eligibility requirements and have a fair credit score you should be eligible. You must be aged 18 and over, have UK citizen and have a stable source of income.

6 Month Payday Loans Lenders

We don’t charge fees for missed payments, we keep things simple at BingoLoans. Also, 6 month loans are open to both new & existing customers, with loans from £100 to £1500 available.

These loans have a defined repayment period, not to exceed a six-month span. Before settling on a particular form of financing, evaluate your ability to repay the loan; failure to meet payment deadlines may have a negative impact on your credit score.

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