No Credit Check Payday Loans

Financial emergencies do occur, and sudden unexpected circumstances can leave you needing extra income without the means to acquire it. Many individuals who find themselves in sudden financial difficulty start to panic and look for no credit check payday loans. Though this may not always be the solution.

Are No Credit Check Payday Loans real?

The quick answer is no. With most direct lenders using their criteria to assess an application, as well as general uncertainty regarding how credit scores and credit checks are conducted, many people have been left confused by what the process involves. This lead to an increasing number of people looking to avoid credit checks altogether, which has created a demand for no credit check loans.

What alternatives could I look at?

If you’re unsure if you’ll be accepted for a payday loan with a bad credit rating then we could help. There are multiple options for those with bad credit looking for a loan, here are some options:

  • Guarantor Loans.¬†Adding a guarantor to your loan application is an effective way to access a loan. The idea is that you have a guarantor, which is someone you know, to co-sign your loan agreement and they agree to cover your payments if you default.
  • Improving Credit Score. If you are worried about being declined for payday loans no credit checking, you can look at improving your credit score. This means that you have a greater chance of being approved for unsecured loans, like payday loans, and other financial products too.
  • Second Charge Loans. This is also known as secured loans. Instead of carrying out a credit check and basing the success of your application on your credit score, you are using something valuable you own as security.

How can BingoLoans help?

As a direct lender and a loan broker, our role is to help you get the best loan possible. We do this in various ways. First, we look if we are able to offer you a loan. If not, our partners use the details you provide to find the lenders best suited to your specific requirements. This allows you to quickly compare the best loan deals currently available to you from a panel of lenders.

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