Are Payday Loans Instant?

Instant payday loans are the type of fast cash loans that mean you can have the cash you need in your account almost immediately. Easy to apply for and quickly approved, you can access emergency funds simply. You can even get payday loans with a bad credit rating.

BingoLoans works as a direct lender for bad credit as well as a broker. This multi-faceted approach offers a fantastic overview of what is available across the market, which means that you get the best of both worlds!!!! if we can’t offer you a great loan deal, our large panel of lenders and financial service providers will be there to step in to help.

Can I get a Payday Loan with very bad credit?

BingoLoans suit a very wide variety of financial circumstances. If you’ve had financial difficulty in the past don’t worry. Even if it has affected your credit you can still apply for an instant payday loan. You may end up having to rely on a short term loan to help you through an emergency. BingoLoans are extremely accessible and we consider all circumstances in our assessments.

As part of your application, there will be a credit check and all other information that you provide is checked. Other lenders on the panel may also make checks, these checks from both parties are their for your safety and to allow a decision to be made, based on your overall financial situation. However, BingoLoans and it’s partner panel do have high acceptance rates because we look passed your credit score number and consider the bigger picture.

How can I get an Instant Loan?

You can apply for an emergency loan online with BingoLoans. As long as you have WIFI, an internet connection or 3G/4G/5G you can access us. You can jump on your smartphone 24/7 visit and sort your money situation sharpish.

Our homepage has a handy calculator tool for you to check the average interest rates on what you need to borrow. You can also enter how long you would need to pay it back.

Enter the amount/time scale for an instant payday loan and click through to provide your personal info. Then you can relax and kick back with a brew because BingoLoans will do the rest. We will find you a great loan deal. So simple, so efficient, cash in your pocket in no time at all.

Where can I borrow money ASAP?

An emergency has popped up and you need a lump sum ASAP. Bingoloans can support you on your journey to financial security again. If a situation crops up over Christmas, with your car or bills, BingoLoans can provide a short term payday loan to help.

What Are Instant Payday Loans?

The fridge-freezer goes and you lose what could’ve been a months worth of food for the family. You’ve already paid to fix the boiler recently. There’s nothing left in the pot for any more financial emergencies. You need an instant payday loan. It’s such a stressful time when these things happen and that is where an instalment loan with BingoLoans can come in really useful.

Our loans are quick to apply for via our online calculator. However, we check across a variety of lenders including ourselves to see who is the best to help you. As a broker and a direct lender, we can do all the legwork. We make sure you get the best deal for your circumstances. Instant loans are simple and easy to apply for with BingoLoans. Moreover, we have a panel of some of the UK’s best lenders of emergency loans waiting to help.

You can use the money awarded on whatever you need. There are no restrictions on spending your instant payday loan. When you need cash fast BingoLoans offers a comprehensive review of top lenders. We enable you to borrow anything from £50 – £1,500. Whatever your situation, there’s a good chance we can provide the monetary support you need.

What payday loan will accept anyone?

BingoLoans will consider anyone for a payday loan. So, it’s always worth doing an application to see if we have a competitive offer. The most affordable option may be from ourselves as a direct lender or one of our panel of lenders.

Spending Instant Payday Loans

For example, here are some ideas on practical things you can use your instant payday loan for-

  • Direct Debits/Standing Orders – There are is so many things we pay this way these days. Music apps, household bills, downloadable media channels (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu), gym memberships, smartphone bills all add up!
  • It’s so easy to lose track and get overdraft charges or the payment reversed. That’s exactly where an instant payday loan may come in useful. It will tide you over until next payday when you can get yourself straight again.


  • Household Goods/Systems – Large electrical items and white goods are the core of any modern home and we have become totally reliant on them for our comfort and our health in many ways. If your TV, microwave, oven, hob, fridge-freezer, heaters, plumbing, lighting or the boiler go on the blink it can mean inconvenience and/or discomfort for weeks.


  • Anyone with kids will no doubt have to deal with an onslaught of questioning because it can take a minute for them to grasp that all these things take money to buy and run.


  • Trips and Getaways – In short, we all need a break from time to time and many people rely on credit cards when covering the costs of a family holiday. Weddings abroad are becoming more popular every year and this extra cost for guests can really set people back. Subsequently, these circumstances may require an instant payday loan to cover last-minute spending money, tickets or travel insurance.


  • Medical Expenses – Emergency dental work, private health care, prescriptions and medical equipment are all expenses you may need to cover in a hurry. Loans for bad credit can provide you with the cash to pay these bills before your next influx.

BingoLoans are FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approved. We are fully committed to transparency and responsible lending, so please remember that payday loans are not a sustainable form of borrowing, use only in an emergency and if you get into financial difficulty look for help at the Money Advice Service