New Payday Lenders

Life is stressful for everyone, especially when appliances or cars break down but there is no money to pay for repairs. That’s disastrous enough, but for those with bad credit, it can be horrifying because it can mean that they have nowhere to turn to for a loan to help solve the problem. We at BingoLoans are new payday lenders who can help you out any time disaster strikes, even if you have an adverse credit history. We understand the stress that those with a poor credit history are under.

New Payday Lenders High Acceptance

We have extremely high acceptance rates because our lenders are much more accepting of adverse financial history. The chances are that if you make an application through us we will be able to find someone to offer to you a payday loan.

We are able to offer an extremely fast and streamlined application process. It can all be completed online and you won’t need to speak to anyone unless you have any specific questions that you want to ask. We want to make the entire process as easy as possible so that you can concentrate on resolving whatever disaster has crept up on you.

New Payday Lenders UK

As a direct lender and broker, we are able to work with a number of new payday lenders in the UK who have recently entered the market. As part of being regulated by the FCA, we proudly have a panel of lenders and if you are looking for new payday lenders, we can help find the best lender for you.

New Payday Lenders not Brokers

At BingoLoans, we are also a broker as well as a direct lender. This enables us to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to obtaining a loan.

This means that once you have entered all of your details you will be able to see those lenders willing to make you an offer at a glance. We will provide a full quote, so you can see exactly what your repayments will be and how much you will have to repay over the lifetime of the loan. If you have any specific questions about the offers open to you, we can easily put you in touch with a lender so that you can check with them.

New Payday Lenders No Credit Check

We are a responsible lender so in order for us to evaluate your loan application we will do a thorough check of your financial status and perform affordability checks to make sure you are able to repay the loan comfortably. It is very rare that a direct lender will perform a no credit check loan. Most, if not all, FCA approved lenders always perform credit and affordability checks on their customers before accepting or declining an application.

Brand New Payday Lenders

We are able to pay the money that borrowers agree to lend to you straight into your bank account within 24 hours, and usually within 2 hours. Often, depending on the time of your application, you can have the money in your bank the same day. This is great if you need urgent repairs to be completed. The speed of payment, however, does depend on your bank. Some, for instance, don’t accept faster payments and so transfers can take up to three days. The companies that we work with know how important it is for you to receive the money quickly and they will do everything within their power to make that happen for you.

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