QuickQuid Loan Alternative

If you were looking for a QuickQuid loan then we are sorry to say that they are no longer offering loans in the UK. The company had received thousands of complaints and now they are officially retreating from the UK market. You can read the full story here. You may be thinking that there may not be any other choice. However, we are a QuickQuid loan alternative, and they can help in exactly the same way if not better.

Companies like QuickQuid

Numerous other lenders including BingoLoans are still available to provide you with a responsible lending experience, they will carry out necessary credit and affordability checks before lending to you.

Now that you are aware that there are other options, go ahead and apply for a QuickQuid loan alternative from BingoLoans who provide payday loans and short term loans to people with good and bad credit and we can have your money with you, usually, within a couple of hours. We consider all credit previous credit histories and focus on affordability whilst running a soft search on your credit file status.

Loans like QuickQuid

When looking for loans like QuickQuid, we consider ourselves to be a good alternative. Since they have gone into administration, we offer similar lending options. At BingoLoans, we offer loans from as little as £50 and as large as £1,500. We have repayment options from 1 month upto 12 months. You can choose your own repayment options, but if you do not have the funds straight up, we advise you to spread the cost.

Payday Loans similar to QuickQuid

If you’re in need of a payday loan, we offer payday loans from 2 months to 6 months. Loans repaid after 6 months are called short term loans, these include larger amounts of money. We are a direct lender as well as a broker. Which means that if we are unable to offer you a loan, you’ll be passed on to our panel of lenders, in hopes of them being able to find you a loan.

QuickQuid Alternative

QuickQuid and BingoLoans both do credit checks when you apply for a loan. The result of this credit check will play a part in the approval process of your loan. As a responsible lender, we want to ensure you only borrow the money you can afford to repay. We don’t want you taking on unnecessary debt. As an alternative to QuickQuid, you may find a loan provider that can offer similar options.

Alternative to QuickQuid

As a sensible alternative to QuickQuid, we have all other loans available for borrowers to consider. From 24 hour loans to cash loans, we can find a loan option suitable for your financial situation. Other alternatives include saving money, getting a second job or even asking your family and friends. These are all great options for those who might not need a short term loan for their current situation.

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