Peachy Loan Alternative

Looking for a Peachy loan alternative? Thankfully, you have many options, including us here at BingoLoans! A short term loan is a loan which you can borrow for up to 12 months, they tend to be anywhere from £100-£1,500.

When looking for a loan, Peachy are not your only option. There are plenty of lenders and brokers up and down the country who can lend you a short term loan.

One example is us, BingoLoans. We offer both short term and payday loans. You can borrow from £100 all the way up to £1,500. This is to give you exactly what you need for financial emergencies. One of the things which makes us stand out from the lending crowd is the fact we start our lending range with loans as small as £100. Most other lenders and brokers begin their range at £200-£300. But, we understand that not everyone wants a loan of that size. So, here at BingoLoans we are perfect if you are looking for a small loan.

Who are Peachy?

Peachy is a lender of short term loans. They offer flexible loans to people who need them the most. As well as this, they offer various multiple repayment options for short-term loans between £100-£1,000.

Peachy eligibility VS BingoLoans?

Depending on the lender or broker and what they provide, the eligibility criteria can differ. But, none of them has any dramatic changes to them because as all companies are asking for the relevant details, not for requirements they don’t need. In this case, the criteria’s for both BingoLoans and Peachy are quite different, although they are yet still alike.

Peachy Criteria:

  • Need to be a UK resident
  • Be 18
  • Minimum income of £600 a month
  • Must not have had a CCJ in the last 6 years
  • Hold a UK bank or building society account with a valid debit card.
  • You must have a working mobile phone & email address.

BingoLoans’ Criteria:

  • Be over 18 years old & a UK resident
  • Have a bank account and an active debit card
  • Be in permanent employment or receiving various allowances
  • Meet our credit and affordability criteria.
  • Agree to provide accurate information about yourself and your financial situation

It is clear to see the main differences and similarities in both of the criteria’s. Firstly, you can see that in both you must be a UK resident, must be 18 years old and have a bank account and valid debit card. So, in this way both Peachy and BingoLoans are similar. But, the remaining factors of the criteria are different. The biggest two differences is that for Peachy, you must earn over £600 a month, but for BingoLoans, you must be in employment or be receiving various allowances. Second of all, Peachy requires you to not have a CCJ in the last 6 years, whereas BingoLoans doesn’t require that as they offer loans for bad credit and focus on your current situation.

Why is BingoLoans a great alternative to Peachy?

One of the main things which Peachy provides is flexibility for it’s borrowers. They pride themselves in factors such as having a fast, online application process which is available 24/7. Along with this, they also suggest that you will be notified soon after if you have been accepted. But, luckily for you, here at BingoLoans, we have the exact same processes. Our streamlined application form is also available 24/7. This makes it easy for you to apply whenever it suits you best. As well as this, if you are accepted for a loan here at BingoLoans, you could have your money in your account in a matter of hours. So, our flexibility and fast processes make us a brilliant alternative to Peachy.

 How much can I borrow?£100-£1500£100-£1000
 Approval RatesHigh ApprovalGood
 Repayment Terms3 – 12 months1 – 12 months
 How do I apply?OnlineOnline
 Minimum Age?18 years old18 years old
 FCA Regulated?YesYes
 Are there any hidden fees?NoNo

How do I apply?

To apply for a loan with BingoLoans all you need to do is complete the online application form. We believe an online application form is more accessible and easier than doing a postal application so therefore if you are wanting to apply you must access the form via our website. After this you will be redirected to the application form which you need to complete and submit. Following submission, we will get it straight away, meaning we can inform you of our decision as soon as possible.

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