Loans without a guarantor

It can be a long-drawn-out process looking for Loans without a guarantor. A lot of companies will offer you a loan on the spot, you then get excited because you have finally landed the loan you have been looking for, then right at the end of your acceptance read the section ‘congratulations, all you need now is a guarantor’…

Heartbreaking right?… Well, that is where we do things differently!

What is a Guarantor?

A guarantor is a person that you know, either a family member or friend that will keep up the payments if you can’t.  They are also used as a source to verify our identity to prevent identity fraud. Guarantors often have good credit histories and in man cases but not all, are also homeowners.

Am I eligible for a Loan without a Guarantor?

Yes, BingoLoans specialise in this area specifically, giving you the responsibility to access your affordability, take out your desired loan amount and pay it back on time.

In essence, the alternative term used for these types of loans in “Payday loan” or “Short Term Loan”. Loans with a guarantor are targeted at people with poor credit. They work exactly the same as a payday loan with, easy applications, no phone calls, all online processes and fast transfer of funds. They also charge the usual high APR, which is common for industry as a whole.

Things to think about?

There a few important things to consider before you take out a loan, especially without a guarantor.

  • Are you able to pay back the loan you’re about to borrow? – Weigh this up as it could leave you in a much worse situation
  • Do you really need the loan? – is there anyone that you know that can help you rather than signing for the loan or alternative way of accessing the funds?
  • Are you happy with the terms laid out in the agreement by the lender? – Are you 100% clear of the costs of the loan?

Make sure you think these things through before applying.

Why choose BingoLoans for a Payday Loan?

Because we are direct lender and we do not charge any fees for our loans. As a direct lender, we will give you your loan amount straight to your bank account, with no time wasted. We are with you every step of the way on from your online application to receipt of funds.

We also provide excellent resources on our blog page across our social media pages to help get your finances back on track. So feel free to follow us on our socials.

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