Flexible Loans

Are you looking for flexible loans that work around your needs? You can benefit from our selection of flexible loans, to suit your daily life. We’re putting the power back into your hands with our flexible loans, so you can repay them as and when you can, without putting yourself in any financial risk.

With flexible repayments across our range of loans and early repayment options to choose from, you can make additional payments when you want to, how you want to, at no extra charge. Here at BingoLoans, we can provide you with ultimate control, when you choose our flexible and transparent payday loans.

Short Term Loan Support

Flexible instalment loans are designed to give you the time to pay them back, a little at a time, when you can afford to. This will allow you to take out a loan over a number of months, and we can support you throughout the process.

Our extensive customer support service can give you all of the advice that you need when it comes to our short term loans, in order to ensure that you can make the monthly repayments when you need to. Our customer support must also be notified if you are going to miss a payment, and will be able to give you information on the aftermath of this.

Flexible Short Term Loan Repayments

We are a very responsible payday loan lender, only lending money to those who can afford to pay it back. Offering flexible short term loan repayments, we also make sure that our terms are fair and transparent, with no hidden fees.

We believe in offering a practical repayment scheme which allows you to pay off your loan with flexible repayments in manageable chunks. With BingoLoans, any loan applicant must be over 18 and hold a UK bank or building society account. Whether you’re looking to pay off your loan with a lump sum, or with monthly repayments, we can provide you with a flexible option that suits your needs.

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