CashFloat Loan Alternative

Looking for a CashFloat loan alternative? Well, BingoLoans might be one of your best options! Lenders and brokers in the UK provide loans of all sizes to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people every year, could one of them be you?

Here at BingoLoans, we offer payday loans and short term loans to offer you exactly what you need. Unlike other lenders and brokers, our loans begin at £100 and finish at £1,500. This is to give you a better option when it comes to borrowing. We understand that not everyone wants to take out a minimum of £200 when they only need £100.

Who is CashFloat?

CashFloat is a UK-based short-term loan provider. They offer loans ranging from £200 all the way up to £1,100. You are able to apply for a loan online and you could get an instant decision and same-day payout. Luckily, CashFloat also lend to those with bad credit, therefore your chances of getting a loan are not restricted and you will still be considered.

CashFloat eligibility VS BingoLoans?

With both BingoLoans and CashFloat providing short term loans, you might think that the lending criteria doesn’t differ too much, but in reality, they could actually be quite different.

CashFloat’s eligibility criteria is as followed:

  • UK resident
  • Over 18 years old
  • Have a UK bank account

As you can see it is very short, this might suggest that CashFloat are willing to lend to anyone who fits these requirements. But, in actual fact, that might not be the best idea. So, here at BingoLoans instead of having a basic set of requirements, we have a more structured list. We believe that lending to anyone won’t benefit us or the borrower. The last thing we want to do is put the borrower in a worse financial position as they are unable to repay the loan. Therefore, we make sure that you are able to comfortably repay the loan before we accept your application.

As followed is our criteria at BingoLoans:

  • Be over 18 years old & a UK resident
  • Have a bank account and an active debit card
  • Be in permanent employment or receiving various allowances
  • Meet our credit and affordability criteria.
  • Agree to provide accurate information about yourself and your financial situation

If you fit the criteria, your chances of getting your hands on a loan are high. This is because we are not only a direct lender but also are a broker. So, if we cannot offer you a loan, our panel of lenders will be able to help you.

As you can see there are multiple similarities and plenty of differences in our criteria to the one at CashFloat. Our criteria covers everything they ask for and more.

Why is BingoLoans a great alternative to CashFloat?

One of the main aspects that CashFloat is known for is their bad credit loans. In the industry some lenders accept bad credit loan applications and others don’t. But here at BingoLoans, we think we are a perfect CashFloat alternative because we are able to also provide bad credit loans. For more information click here.

CashFloat also suggest that they offer a same day acceptance and pay-out. Here at BingoLoans we offer the same. Due to our modern, quick online application form, once you have submitted your form, we will receive it straight after. This means we can review your application and either accept your application or reject it. If you are accepted, you could receive your loan in a matter of hours.

 How much can I borrow?£100-£1500£400-£1500
 Approval RatesHigh ApprovalHigh Approval
 Repayment Terms3 – 12 months1 – 4 months
 How do I apply?OnlineOnline
 Minimum Age?18 years old18 years old
 FCA Regulated?YesYes
 Are there any hidden fees?NoNo

How do I apply?

Want to apply for a loan with BingoLoans? Apply quickly and easily through our website. Once you have reached the home page, click ‘apply now’ and you will be directed to the application form. After you have completed and submitted your application you will find out soon after whether you have been accepted.

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